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We analyze your genome, microbiome, transcriptome and epigenome at high-resolution and integrate with clinical parameters to generate the most complete biological image of you.



Solaris Genomic Health’s (SGH) is a recently established startup company that came out of one of Turkey’s leading life-sciences centers, Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center (IBG).



Genomic Medicine (GM) has revolutionized the way human health is approached. With the genomic data accumulating at ever increasing speed, our understanding of how our genomes shape our health has already advanced tremendously. The next big challenge is to develop tools to translate such advances to every-day health decisions. We are committed to providing individualized solutions to achieve better health using a systems medicine approach. By combining the power of big-data driven approaches with our expertise in genomics and bioinformatics, we develop decision-support algorithms for a wide-range of health problems.


As Solaris Genomic Health, our vision is to improve people’s health by enabling them integrate their genomic data with a multitude of clinical and metagenomic data and make individualized decisions accordingly.

Let us understand you at the molecular resolution!

Systems medicine approach

Our interdisciplinary team integrates clinical, genomic, metagenomic, psychiatric, and diet data.

Wet-lab genome analysis

Including Next-generation and Third-generation sequencing (NGS and TGS), we provide genome analysis services for R&D and diagnostics.

Cutting-edge science translated into health

By applying and developing cutting-edge tools, we work hard to break down barriers and translate the latest genomic research findings into health.


From planning to data analysis and interpretation, we provide consulting services on a variety of genomics applications, such as Whole exome and Whole genome sequencing (WES and WGS), targeted sequencing etc.


Solaris Genomic Health’s mission and vision rely on holistic view of human health to develop enabling tools and algorithms.

Our view of how life is comprehended and how organisms are defined have drastically changed in the past two decades. One popular theory, known as ‘holobiont’ or ‘hologenome’ theory, views living organisms as combinations of hosts and their microbes. As opposed to the classical reductionist view of organisms being autonomous, holobiont theory emphasizes the interactions between the host (e.g. humans) and their symbiotic microbes (e.g. gut microbiata), and therefore provide a more ‘holistic’ view of organisms. The implications of this theory are enormous and has been redefining how we approach human health. In order to understand how human traits and diseases are shaped, we must measure parameters related to both the host and the symbiotic microbes.

Bioinformatics and Genomics consulting services Biyoinformatik ve genomik danışmanlık hizmetleri

Are you ready to make your health-related decisions based on your biology?

If you are looking for scientific and evidence-based ways to improve your health and well-being, Solaris Genomic Health is the right choice. In the age of genomic medicine, we make use of state-of-the-art technologies to provide you the right tools. Our integrative multi-omic approach lets you make your health decisions in a truly personal and individualized way.

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